Prediction markets and blockchain identity verification: Gnosis Olympia and uPort

Blockchain identity verification enthusiasts now have an opportunity to experience the process using uPort and Gnosis Olympia, a prediction market platform that uses cryptocurrency. Users can currently test the platform using play tokens. To better understand the user interface, I gave uPort and Olympia a try. Prediction Markets on Blockchains Prediction markets are nothing new. Participants have been buying and selling futures contracts on events…

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Is it really you? What Nick Offerman’s photo tells us about the future of online identity.

Previously, I shared how the blockchain is being used to solve issues related to identity fraud and security. There is another side of identity management that’s being addressed: providing proof of a digital identity. How do we know people are who they say they are online, and how can the blockchain prevent false identities? I’ll look at how people are currently proving their identities online…

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Using Blockchain for Identity Management – Five Compelling Examples

As cybersecurity threats become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, the case for blockchain technology as a way to secure and improve identity management grows stronger. Blockchain can give people more proactive control over their data and make it more difficult for unauthorized users to exploit it. Blockchain startups are exploring more decentralized data management systems by, in some cases, teaming up with financial services, technology, and…

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