Communications strategies behind four of 2017’s most successful ICOs

Last week, I outlined the key communications elements for ICOs. This week I look at four ICOs that had successful launches in 2017: Humaniq Matchpool Aragon Below I examine each ICO’s overall concept and the main communication elements used. My plan is to revisit these ICOs next year to see how their communications, concept & technical development progressed. Blockchain-based distributed cloud computing When…

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Do you have a communications strategy for your initial coin offering (ICO)?

Communications strategy is a key element of successful businesses and organizations. This is particularly true with initial coin offerings (ICOs). Backers, and the broader cryptocurrency community, seek honest and transparent founding teams that respond to queries and concerns, and who clearly communicate the benefits of their platform. In this piece I look at some of the strategies and channels you should consider when an initial coin offering…

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Getting Up-To-Speed on Cryptocurrency: What are Tokens, App Coins, and ICOs?

Cryptocurrencies are gathering speed—there are now over 4,300 cryptocoins and over $500 million was raised through crowdsales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the first half of 2017. If you’re feeling a little left behind regarding how this decentralized financial system works, here we break down some of the key terms for you. Quick refresh on cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency, or digital/virtual currency, operates independently of central…

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